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The story of Prima Donnas

Prima Donnas, now a beloved and well-respected restaurant, was once just a figment of the imagination. Although we have been a staple in local diners’ lives for more than 30 years, it took a lot to get here. In November 1993, we opened our doors for the first time, and we have been providing quality food and an incredible ambience ever since. Every November, we even host a wine tasting to celebrate. We’d love to welcome you to experience a flavourful feast…

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30 years of history

More than 30 years ago, our doors opened. Our founders, Marino and Patrick, dreamed of opening a restaurant and worked to build up the expertise and connections to bring this to life. Marino, Patrick, and their entire families worked to create a medley of Mediterranean dishes to impress our diners’ tastebuds. Since then, we have been moving with the times and constantly updating our menus, offering dishes that quickly become favourites.

Fresh, high-quality ingredients

We source our ingredients from reliable contacts with whom we have long-lasting relationships. We prioritise fresh, sustainable ingredients, crafting delightful dishes. We display versatile innovation, creating dishes inspired by the gorgeous Mediterranean.

An ambience to impress

We’re proud of the atmosphere that you’ll find in Prima Donnas. For whatever the occasion, from a birthday bash to a much-needed midweek meal, you can rely on us to provide a warm, friendly ambience. Our bar is a bustling place where you can enjoy our curated collection of cocktails. We are well-known for the events that we throw. Our New Years celebrations (and all special occasions like Christmas Day, birthdays, garden parties and BBQs) have always been memorable!

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Serving our local community

We do everything we can to serve the local community. In lockdown, we were able to open the front of our restaurant as a makeshift grocery store, allowing people to get out in the fresh air, benefit from some social interaction, and buy fresh produce from a renowned restaurant.


We have had repeat diners for more than 30 years. Find out why they keep coming back.

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